Company Background

PT Bangja Inti Ingridien is a company located in Sidoarjo, East Java, Indonesia which focusing in Food Ingredients, Health Ingredients, Cosmetics/Personal Care Ingredients, and Feed Ingredients. The Company established on 12 March 2015 and running fully operational on 1 March 2016.

The establishment of PT Bangja Inti Ingridien was a result of business separation from CV Bangkit Jayaa, which established in 1993 and now focusing mainly to Tobacco Industry.The separation is intended to provide more focused and independent quality servicesto the customers and the Principals/Suppliers and to prevent undesirable image to the company.

PT Bangja Inti Ingridien locations and status:

Head Office:

  • Surabaya Head Office:
    Jalan Palem I/TC 24-25, 3rd Floor
    Komplek Pertokoan Pondok Candra Indah
    Wadungasri, Waru
    Sidoarjo 61256, East Java
    P +62 (31) 866-8995
    F +62 (31) 866-7311
  • Branch Offices:

  • Jakarta Branch Office:
    Kawasan Industri dan Pergudangan
    Marunda Center Blok E-1/3A
    Jalan Marunda Makmur
    Bekasi 17211, West Java
    P +62 (21) 2908-8202, 2908-8203
    F +62 (21) 2908-8204
  • Semarang Branch Office:
    Jalan Borobudur 10-A
    Semarang 50147, Central Java
    P +62 (24) 762-4722, (851) 0138-7958
    F +62 (24) 762-4922
  • Each office has its own warehouse and along with these locations PT Bangja Inti Ingridien can have access to import many goods through the ports in Surabaya, Jakarta and Semarang depending on the requirement.

    By the wealth of experiences that have been gained since CV Bangkit Jayaa, the Company has established experience as the holder of Sole Agent or Distributor rights from many overseas companies. PT Bangja Inti Ingridien greatly treasure all credence by manage itself to develop performance quality effectively and efficiently.

    Agency or Distributor Rights owned by PT Bangja Inti Ingridien are:

  • RC Treatt & Co., Ltd. (United Kingdom)
    The company is one of the world's longest established ingredient solutions providers to the flavour, fragrance and personal care industries.
  • JK Sucralose Inc. (China)
    The largest company in the production of sucralose professionally in China and the second largest in the world that offers solutions sweetener product that is safe for health
  • Masson Group Co., Ltd. (China)
    The company that has the largest production line in distilled monoglyceride in China
  • Marigot Ltd. (Ireland)
    Leading in the Natural Marine Multi Mineral for Health. Marigot Ltd. with its Aquamin was awarded as Ingredient of the Year in Healthy Ageing Category at Neutraingredients Awards at Vitafood, Geneva on May 2016.
  • Algea A.S. (Norway)
    The company collects and processes algae like Ascophyllum nodosum to make extracts and phytocomplexes for use in agriculture, animal feed and now also in human consumption and cosmetics.
  • Biorigin (Brazil)
    A Brazilian company which mobilizes knowledge and technology to promote health and quality of life. Using biotechnological processes, it produces natural ingredients for flavor enhancement, sodium reduction, shelf life extension in food market; and for animal nutritional enrichment and health.
  • Ecom Food Industry (Canada)
    Ecom is a primary producer of antioxidants, a wide range of extracts, natural flavor enhancers, a competitive range of natural colors, and specialized flavors to support the applications of their clients.
  • Wuhan Huasweet Co., Ltd. (China)
    A high-tech enterprise who specializing in Neotame manufacturing and offers technical supports for customer formulations.
  • By working efficiently and reliablywhich carried out since CV Bangkit Jayaa, PT Bangja Inti Ingridien continues to have great business relationship, not only to its customers, but also with the suppliers and distributors from other countries, such as China, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, Ireland, Turkey, Bulgaria, Belgium, Brazil, United Kingdom, Greece, Italy, Germany, and some others more. Thus, the company established its reputation as a contribution of technical knowledge, employees who have worked very hard and efficiently, and accumulation of experiencesthroughout the years.

    Company Vision

    To be a creative, innovative, trustworthy, and first-choice market leader company.

    Company Mission / Quality Policy

    • Growing our market share profitably.
    • Committed to give the best quality products, services and support to our stakeholders.
    • Build a strong foundation system within the company.
    • Empowering employee by providing healthy and growing organization.

    Company Values

    • Trustworthy
    • Team-oriented
    • Loyal
    • Motivated
    • Humble